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Director of Student Services

Welcome to the Director of Student Services' Page

The Director of Students services is also the the administer for our Pleasantdale Preschool Program.

Mrs. Beth Parker began her career as a special education teacher at a
therapeutic school in Oak Forest, Illinois. Throughout her career, she
taught special education at all levels and in a variety of learning
environments. She has served as an Administrator for over 25 years,
primarily in small elementary school districts but also for special
education cooperatives and a unit school district.

The students are the most exciting thing about being the Director of
Student Services in Pleasantdale School District 107. They are polite,
enthusiastic, motivated, and engaged. They love coming to school. In
addition, the parents are involved and value the education their
children are receiving. Finally, the staff are experienced and
committed individuals who create rewarding learning environments for
the children.

Mrs. Parker lives in Westmont with her husband, Lorenzo, an educator,
and her youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, who will attend college in the
fall. She also has two young adult daughters, Samantha and Alexis, who
reside in Florida and Georgia.