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Related Services

Speech & Language

Speech & Language Services are provided by District 107 speech pathologists and in partnership with LADSE. Our speech pathologists evaluate and provide services for students in speech articulation, fluency, receptive language, expressive language and pragmatics. In addition to direct services, speech pathologists consult with a student’s teachers in an effort to enhance the impact of direct services throughout the student’s school day.

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Occupational & Physical Therapy Services are provided in partnership with LADSE. Occupational & Physical Therapy services assist students with disabilities to benefit from special education.  These disabilities include sensory, postural, and/or motor needs which prevent or significantly limit the student’s ability to benefit from educational opportunities. LADSE therapists operate under the educational model where the focus of therapy is on building skills and making modifications to support the student in the learning environment.  Direct therapy is conducted, along with an emphasis on indirect services, which include the training of educational team members working daily with the student to ensure that OT and PT interventions are ongoing. LADSE maintains an equipment inventory to assist therapists in determining the most effective intervention strategies for students that can be loaned to districts on a timed basis.

Social Work Services

School social workers support students, teachers and families in District 107 by providing direct services to students and consultation to teachers to support the emotional needs of students as they relate to their academic success. In addition to providing support students with IEPs, our social workers co-lead our building wide Social Emotional Learning Committees, provide short term behavior interventions, support teachers in the delivery of our social emotional curriculum and support students in crisis.


All students in District 107 grades kindergarten through 8th are eligible for free transportation. If a student’s IEP team identifies the need for specialized transportation for students pre-school through 8th grade, LADSE coordinates transportation services in partnership with Grand Prairie Transportation.

Hearing & Vision

Itinerant Services are provided in partnership with CASE (Cooperative for Special Education). CASE itinerants provide direct service and consultation to IEP teams for students eligible for hearing and vision services. Additional information about the services provided by CASE can be found on their website.

Assistive Technology

If a student’s IEP team has questions about assistive technology needs an Assistive Technology evaluation, including a trial of low and high-tech AT options, can be completed in partnership with LADSE.