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Special Services

Special Services at Pleasantdale

District 107 provides a continuum of special education programs and related services within and outside the general education setting to meet the unique learning needs of our students. Placement in separate special education classes is considered only when the services needed by the student to meet his/her goals cannot be adequately implemented within the general education classroom.

If a student requires more specialized instruction and programming not available within the school district, District 107 is committed to seeking other appropriate placement options outside of the school district. This includes both public and private facilities.

The Pleasantdale 107 Support Programs guide offers a thorough description of the services available.

Pleasantdale is proud to be a member of LADSE, the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education, a cooperative located in LaGrange Illinois serving 17 member school districts in west Cook and east DuPage Counties.

The Illinois State Board of Education Special Education Services site offers information for parents on topics including early childhood special education, Project CHOICES, parent training, and links to the document A Parent's Guide - The Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in English and Spanish.

English Language Learners

The purpose of our ELL program is to support the students' English language skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.